Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Journaling Prayers in Notebooks  

For much of my life I have drawn nearer to the Lord, in part, by journaling my prayers in notebooks. As a result, I have boxes of prayer journals. Maybe one day those who come behind me will find me faithful by reading through my most intimate conversations with my Lord. 

Over the last few years, for the most part I gave journaling a rest. It’s not that I never journaled, I just journaled minimumly. However, while giving journaling a rest, it could be said that I have continued to journal on my encouragement blog much of the same things I would have journaled in notebooks. 

Anyway, I will continue to blog and as of last evening I’m bringing journaling my prayers to the Lord in notebooks back to life. In the late hours last evening, I sensed this would please the Lord and deepen my intimacy with Him to reconvene my precious relationship ritual beginning now. 

Here are the words I began with in my latest journaling notebook: 

"Lord, Your Joy is my strength, and, Your voice is my confidence! 

Lord, I am very weak. I am only growing older. I am so very limited!

But You, Lord, are so strong. You are forever ageless. You are totally unlimited!

I love You, Lord. Thanks for loving me. Amen"

Presence Matters Most! No Invisible People!


Pastor Kerry Willis 

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