Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Evening Thoughts

It’s Saturday evening and my thoughts are mostly about the fast-approaching Sunday morning and the words I hope to communicate compassionately and effectively as an ambassador of my King, Jesus. 

The question I hope to put into play is this: “Shouldn’t self-giving be one way we as Jesus-believers say ‘THANKS?’” Afterall, hear these clear words of Jesus recorded in Luke 6:38 (MSG) “Give away your lives!” 

So, if we claim to be Jesus-like, and do not give away our lives, aren’t we really frauds? We can say we love Jesus and are grateful to God for giving away His Son for our forever benefit, but if we do not serve other souls, are we really telling the truth? 

John 4 is on my mind. The thirsty-souled woman that Jesus purposely encountered at Jacob’s Well proved her true thanksgiving to her Savior-Messiah by returning to her village of Samaria and sharing about her new-found Living Water, yes, she shared about her encounter with Jesus Himself, with everyone. As a result of her genuine gratitude, the whole community came out to Jesus and placed their faith in Him. Jesus served her soul, satisfaction, and so she served/shared with the souls around her. What a beautiful response and outcome! 

Thanks for listening. Let’s be Jesus-believers who are marked by giving — giving away our lives to touch other souls in need of knowing our Savior as their own.

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT

Grateful (Indeed!) 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Dad in His Presence 3 Years (The Old Ship of Zion)

Today, November 17, marks three years since my Dad, Capt. Billy, slipped beyond the invisible veil to be forever in His Presence — God’s Presence! 

This is my Instagram post and a song link that was sung at my Dad’s homegoing service is also pasted below. 

Note: A few weeks before my Dad’s crossing, he told me he had a dream about being aboard The Old Ship of Zion. He said, “Kerry, it was the roughest seas I’ve ever seen, nevertheless, The Old Ship of Zion was cutting through those angry billows as if they were butter. What a seaworthy vessel, indeed!” — The Old Ship of Zion 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Number Our Days

This verse is on my mind strongly today: 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Teach Your Children Well

As parents, we all hope to teach our children well — love, generosity, priorities, to love Jesus passionately, etc. 

Our 28-year-old daughter posted this on Instagram yesterday. It touched our hearts deeply that she still carries on a Christmas tradition that remembers to bless others.

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Monday, November 13, 2017

Fragrant Faith

This thought came to my mind today: “We cannot do God’s part, nevertheless, neither will God do our part.“ 

In other words, miracles only happen as we partner with God in faith, in prayer and in obedience. 

Let us live such lives of fragrant faith that no one will have to ask if we are true believers of Jesus. May that reality be undeniable in our countenance and in our character and in our conduct.

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Sunday, November 12, 2017

“Your Soul is Forever! Know Jesus!”

My message title this Sunday morning was “Your Soul is Forever! Know Jesus!” It was founded in the solid truth spoken by Jesus in Matthew 16:26... 

(If you are on Facebook go to Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene page and watch the Sunday Service Facebook Live Link dated November 12, 2017. Also, the audio and video will be up this week at if you want to check it out later.)

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Friday, November 10, 2017

“What a Friend We’ve Found!”

This weekend Pastor Adrian and I will officiate the homegoing service for our dear friend, Tami, who was just 49 years-old, in her prime as a daughter, wife and mom. Our souls are glad she is totally healed of cancer and with Jesus, The Friend of all Friends. Still, our hearts hurt. 

This song came to mind this morning as I was talking to another friend about prayers needed for his son who is struggling emotionally. Listen and pray along with those of us who weep in Jesus’ name. Let us all find encouragement in the embrace of Our Friend’s amazing grace. 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Coastal Revival 2017 “Complete”

I am humbled in the afterglow of preaching a coastal revival in my native North Carolina homeland. 40 souls now know Jesus as a result. I was reminded today that 40 is the number of completion. Awesome! Nevertheless, I pray revival has only just begun. 

Photos from the past few days around coast of Carteret County, N.C. 

End of the Road, Harkers Island 

Douglas, duck decoy friend came two nights 

Preaching on “Desperate Faith” at Crystal Coast Nazarene 

My favorite stainglass ever — Luke 5:1-11

Jarrett Bay Boatworks and Wesley Hori 

$12 million sports fishing yacht 

Dad’s grave in rain

Weeping petals 

Oysters caught by Paul Kirkland, Jr. and cooked on Lady Melba’s stove 

Sunset sky, Red Hill 

Granny’s porch 

Antique seascape 

Golden Friends 

Coastal jewels

Fisherman’s front porch 

Refuge Harbor, Harkers Island

Full Carolina moon 

Geese at Shell Point

Peace be Silver :)

Homeward bound to Virginia 

“Worship Only God.” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Molokai Cross / Leper Colony

This is my Instagram post from today. Inspired my soul. 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT 


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Knowing You, Jesus

This song defines the stance of my soul these days:

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Monday, November 6, 2017

Coastal Colors / “Do You Know Jesus?”

Today, I was blessed to ride around my native Harkers Island, with my Mom, Lady Melba. Our time together is always sacred. Today was no different. 

The thought on our minds was concerning a statement I made in my revival preaching on Sunday night. “Knowing about Jesus is not one-in-the-same with knowing Jesus.” To only know about Jesus would be like living day-by-day in only black and white. To know Jesus is to live today and forever in vibrant color.

This comparison of two photos I took today of the marshland — one in basic black and white and one in beautiful color — is a good illustration of what I am saying:

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:7 NLT


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Thoughts — Souls...

Souls are forever. It’s why I am a preacher of the Good News of Jesus. Yes, Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost — souls! I am humbled to be entrusted in my lifetime (in some small way) to continue the vocation of Jesus — seeking lost souls before it’s too late.

Today is Sunday, November 5, 2017. I preached this morning in revival at Bridgeway Church of the Nazarene in Beaufort, N. C. Three souls came to the altar to know Jesus. How wonderful. 

However, in rural Texas today, a shooter entered a church around 11:20 AM and killed people rangers Nc from ages 5-72 and also injured another 20. What a sad set of circumstances. I pray for those broken-hearted families. 

I preached again tonight in revival. The church was packed. It was a heavy night to have to stand and to share The Good News of Jesus, nevertheless, it was needed. Five more souls were saved. 

While it’s difficult to reconcile my Sunday experience with those devastated in Texas, I know God is always so very good, even when life is so often hard. 

Do I have questions? Indeed, I do. But I am thinking of a message I have in my office mounted to a rock foundation: “Jesus is the Answer! Now, what was the question?” 

Still praying. Jesus alone has the words of Life. (John 6:66-67) In fact, JESUS IS LIFE! 

I photographed this rose today in the cemetery near my Daddy’s grave. 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Project Galilee Year #5 2017

We just concluded our 5th year Project Galilee Gathering for Pastors and Church Leaders and anyone-who-just-passionately-loves-Jesus and wants to know Him more. 

As usual we met along the coast of my native North Carolina, in Beaufort. Our theme this year was “The Miracles of Jesus Over Nature”. It was Awesome — inspiration, restoration and friendship. 

Hope you will join us November 8-10, 2018. Here are some photo memories of our sacred time together in 2017. 

Willis’ Family Tree — Live Oak — Harkers Island 

A stroll on Front Street, Beaufort — Kim and Lucy girl 

Jared speaks about the fruitless fig tree

Carolina in the Pines, Core Banks  

Porter inspires with a miracle message 

The shrimp and crab stuffed potato at Sanitary Restaurant, Morehead City

Front Street Historic Residence at night 

Cape Lookout field trip, 21 of about 50 attendees came along 

With my best friend from my school days, Paul 

Morning Coffee, friendship and caffeine 

Aaron talks about desolation and God’s glory 

Boats at night Beaufort waterfront 

Sunset Taylor’s Creek 

Kim and Jason sing — “Your Heart won’t stop coming after me” 

Journeying Together matters 

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Friday, November 3, 2017

“Rejoice!” / “Go to Galilee”

“Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT


Thursday, November 2, 2017

“...Galilee; There You Will See Jesus!”

My Instagram post for today from the crystal coast waterfront in Beaufort, N.C. where the 5th Year Anniversary of our Project Galilee Gathering begins today, Thursday, at 2:15pm...

Worship Only God!” Rev. 22:9 NLT