Monday, June 6, 2016

"One Verse From God's Word..."

I remember one day -- some 23 years or so ago -- in our Nazarene Bible College theology class with Dr. Floyd Perkins, when he came to the classroom and challenged us to choose just one verse from the Holy Bible each day to saturate in and to be consumed with. Dr. Perkins said, "One verse from God's Word is more than any of us can fathom." 

Well, this morning as I was reading God's Word, this one verse lodged into my thinking. I pray it will bless your life today as you saturate in it and are consumed by it.

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"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW 



KLW said...

Joy is meant to be a hallmark of the Christian life. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and a gift of God. We best receive this gift when we focus on the truth of who God is, commune with Him through prayer, and rely on the community of believers He has provided

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

I choose joy. -- Larnelle Harris