Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"The Good Old Days"

I suppose it was 40 years ago as I was working the night shift at an island supermarket when I heard ABC radio personality, Mr. Paul Harvey, talking about what many people referred/refer to as "the good old days." The idea seemed/seems to be prevalent that somehow the past behind us is preferred to the present that's with us.

It's not true! Especially for Jesus-believers. The present is God's gift! That's why it is correctly called "the present". I remember Mr. Paul Harvey saying, "The past seems better only because distance lends enchantment." I laughed. 

While the future ahead of us may be preferred to the present that is with us -- for everyone who is an eternal citizen of Heaven held captive by time here in this moment -- nevertheless, surely right now, our present, is preferred to our past.

Last evening my wife and I were riding bikes at sunset around Ocracoke Island -- our favorite barrier island along North Carolina's Outer Banks -- when suddenly we passed an old store window with an old sign posted in the window. The words on the old sign were the exact words Mr. Paul Harvey closed his radio commentary with (when I was a teenager on that memorable night so many years ago.) 

I pulled my bike off the road and grabbed my camera to take a photo of the sign before daylight gave way to darkness. 

Read the very true words about "the good old days" by clicking my new image of the old sign below and I've also added a second box to click, a Good Word from God's Word about "Today". 

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW



KLW said...

I'm respectful of the good old days, but I find myself spending very little time reminiscing. I'm really looking forward.

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

I cherish history but am truly a future buff.