Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shalom to You

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Yesterday, I was sitting in solitude in the little wood-frame, Methodist Church on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. I had just minutes earlier received a call from my brother to update me on my Dad's oncologist visit in Chapel Hill. The report was a heavy one. 

The cancer is believed to be back and aggressively. (Dad's only hope for a cure, according to the doctors, is a possible bone marrow transplant. I take him back to UNC Medical Center next Wednesday to see if he's a candidate for the procedure. At Dad's age his own bone marrow will have to be used.)

As it rained and the wind blew outside the church house, I sat still and subtly but surely sensed The Peace Speaker's presence. So, in spite of the stormy weather on the outside, I worshiped my Lord on the inside.  He is worthy of all my worship, regardless of the weather and even when a heavy cancer report for my beloved Dad is reality. 

As I thumbed through the Methodist hymnal, I turned to a selection in the back of the book. Believe it or not, the number assigned to the selection was #666. However, the sweet holiness of the hymn's message over-powered the ominous page number. Hear the words for yourself:

"Shalom to you now, 
Shalom my friends.
May God's mercies bless you,
My friends.
In all your living
And through your loving,
Christ be your shalom,
Christ be your shalom."

Shalom, indeed. Peace within. 

Thanks for your interests and your intercessions. Trusting our Good God is easy. He's so totally trustworthy.


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