Monday, September 1, 2014

My Island Roots

One of my very own favorite sayings is:

If you forget where you came from, 
you won't know where you are going 
and you won't know who you are when you get there.

Recently, I learned something about myself as I was studying my island roots. The epiphany of sorts came as I was reading an article about the people of Harkers Island, North Carolina. As I casually read, I suddenly understood why I feel like I feel sometimes -- like an introvert who inwardly likes to be left alone, but one has been called out to be a friend of Jesus to everyone I encounter.

Here's the quote I read and the reference:

Harkers Island, North Carolina, sits in the water all by itself, a simple land where people have worked the sounds for a century, a place where they battle two natural instincts -- wanting to be friendly and wanting to be left alone. The State Magazine, May 2013

I'm a natural born island boy, but supernaturally born again to glorify my Lord. Which reminds me of another of my own favorite sayings:

I'm glad to be the son of a fisherman and a fisherman (and a shepherd) for the Son.

Enough said.


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