Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creation... Anticipation...

This morning as I was reading from Genesis 5, the words written in verse 1b and verse 2 beautifully surprised my soul and gloriously warmed my heart. 

Here is the passage. See if you pick up on the message that moved me so very much:

1b “When God created humans,
He made them in the likeness of God.
2  He created them male and female.
He blessed them and called them humans when He created them.”

Here's my take-away from the Genesis words:

From our beginning, God blessed us as humans. We were created by our loving God, yes, but not only did He give us breath, He also gave us His Blessing.

Simply spoken,
(1) God made us initially... And,
(2) God blessed us immediately.

As His creation, we should live with anticipation. At our birth, God blessed us. If we live according to His design, we will continue in His blessing for all of our days.

Indeed, this truth from God's Holy Word warms my heart.