Thursday, August 9, 2018

Why Do I Drive a RV as a DS?

Yesterday, I was talking to Jesus about a question people seem to have about my ministry style — a DS in a RV? Yep, why does a district superintendent choose to drive a RV back and forth across the Philadelphia District Church of the Nazarene? It’s a good question. 

Nevertheless, when I am asked this question, to be honest, I probably answer the “what do I hope will happen as I drive a RV as a DS across my mission field?” The answer to this question is: “I drive a RV as a DS across the district in hopes of ‘refreshing the hearts of God’s people and strengthening the churches here!’”

However, last evening as I asked the Lord “Why do I drive a RV as a DS across my mission field,” He seemed to point me immediately to Matthew 9, yes, to this specific passage:

I think I do it because it’s what Jesus did and what He still wants to do through me — “Jesus went through all the towns and villages...” I am humbled. No, Jesus did not drive a RV but He went as a holy happy camper back and forth across His mission field, yes, “He went!” And because He went then, I go now. 

Stain-glass that inspired me on my Jesus-led journey. 

Gazebo we passed as we left our overnight camping spot this morning. 

As I type, we have just arrived in Toms River, NJ. Will meet with the pastor and his staff in a few minutes. Pray we will refresh the hearts of God’s people and that the church will be strengthened here. Pray also that we will see the people, have compassion and pray for workers for the harvest field.

Presence Matters Most!
That is... Presence. Unity. Souls. Love.

Pastor Kerry Willis