Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evil Will Not Conquer Us If We Pray Together!

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil with good.
-- Romans 12:21 (GWT)

Do we really believe that good still overcomes evil? I sure pray that we believe it. There seems to be too much pessimism on the planet these days and sadly too many "Christians" seem to be buying the lies and biting the lures of the evil one hook-line-and-sinker. It's troubling. Let us repent of breaking what Reverend David Ring referred to as "The Eleventh Commandment" -- "Thou shalt not bellyache" or "Thou shalt not complain".

Has wickedness in our world really got so out-of-hand that the Blood of Jesus can no longer redeem it? No way! His Blood goes deeper still. I'll agree, many situations in this present century of ours are "seemingly" hopeless, but the key word is "seemingly". Friends, let's be encouraged because it is not possible for sin to go deeper, wider, or higher than the Love of God has already gone!

On Tuesday mornings, "I get to" meet with our men's dawn patrol prayer team at 6:10 a.m. Yesterday at our daybreak gathering, twenty-one men showed up to partner together in prayer. Take it from me, during that sacred and sweet hour of prayer each week, the atmosphere in the prayer room -- more often than not -- calls out loud and clear: "Our God's goodness still conquers the world's wickedness!"

So, if you think good no longer overrides evil, here's a sacred suggestion: Begin meeting regularly with a group of God-seekers for intercessory prayer for our "seemingly" hopeless world.

In my quiet time yesterday, these words written by Andrew Murray inspired my soul (and inspired my previous suggestion as well): "Meet together with other praying believers with the aim of strengthening each other in the grace of intercession."

Click here: Matt Redman - You Alone Can Rescue - YouTube

Let's not allow evil to conquer us! Let's pray together!


kris said...

Brother I miss our regular times of prayer. I pray the God will send me some men who want to gather for prayer. God is bigger than what is the matter. He has given us the victory over the war despite the battle line that is set before us. It is all about perspective. Our perspective of God must grow larger so the challenges of life must grow smaller. John the Baptist said "I must decrease and He must increase". That is my prayer for those who call me pastor and friend that they will see this fleshed out in my life and see how big God really is. Thanks for sharing bro.

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

Good words brother. Be encouraged afresh and anew. Help is on the way. I see your words as praying and I agree with you in the name of JESUS! Amen.

Martin LaBar said...

I often read the end of a book before I finish it. In the most important book, good triumphs!

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

HE WON! WE WIN! For sure Thanks for the reminder.

aerocatzz said...

I Hear YA Kris , miss you brother ... stay strong ... perspective is everything .. Creig

Anonymous said...

I've talked to many "christians" about their complacency in todays situations. I always get the twelfth commandment as a response, Thou shalt not worry about anything because the rapture is coming. Why should they be concerned about the present conditions when...POOF...they won't be here to deal with it. I feel this is one of satans great lies, to take away the urgency of getting the warning out. The bible talks about a secret rapture in 1st Thessalonians 4:15, Matthew
24:23-27, Revelation 1:7, 2nd Peter 1:16, 2nd Peter 3:10, etc.