Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Knowing That He Knows You"

Shortly after my Dad's passing in November 2014, a friend in The Lord, Samantha, mailed me a card of comfort from her family that I am still carrying close to my heart, over a month later.

It is a Dayspring Greeting card with a writing by Roy Lessin. 

Hear the message:

"He knows you personally and will not confuse you or your needs with another sheep in His flock.

He knows where you are and will guide you;

He knows your fears and will keep you safe;

He knows your hunger and He will feed you;

He knows your weariness and will give you rest;

He knows your valley and will bring you through;

He knows your enemy and will defend you;

He knows you dwelling place and will safely bring you home.

He speaks these words to you...

My child, I love you, you are Mine!"


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