Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Though It Seems Like You Can Never Recover..."

My wise and compassionate friend, Keith from Michigan, sent me words of comfort today. God must've let him in on the fact that I could really use some spontaneous encouragement this morning, as the Advent Season continues and my thoughts turn often to my Daddy now absent from us but present with our Lord. 

Keith's words to me:

"It's the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you'll remember (about Capt. Billy). The laughs, the stories, the smiles. And even though it seems like you can never recover from your loss, it is these very memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles. Lifting you and your family before the throne. -- Keith"

My Daddy praising Jesus and wearing his red celebration shirt at one of our visits to the cancer clinic this past year. I inherited the red shirt and Lord willing, I'll be wearing it at our Christmas Eve Service.

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