Monday, December 29, 2014

"Pulling Back the Throttle..."

Just returned with my old friend, The Oreo Pup, from the trash dump where I left all of our Christmas wrappings and the like. 

I am, Lord willing, "away from" any official pastor-related activity until next Sunday morning. Today, marks my first opportunity to truly pull back the throttle of activity in my life since my Dad's funeral. I admit I am weary. And yes, I know that "being-the-oldest-I've-ever-been" helps weariness to happen easier, no doubt.

Anyway, all is well. We had the Billy C. Willis family Christmastime last night at our home. It was a glorious time. Though Dad was not here, we celebrated the Christ Child with Mom and one another and sensed that Dad was somehow aware, maybe even smiling with Jesus as we gathered together.

We began our family time together with me praying passionately over my loved ones and ended our night with me doing the same again, even anointing one family member as the whole family leaned in. It was beautiful. 

As a friend recently prayed for me, "I truly sense my Dad's mantle resting comfortably around my shoulders as his oldest son." It's a new glorious burden for me.

I appreciate your prayers as I now take responsibility to be faithful in pointing Dad's family to those golden shores of our forever home. 

Yes, and you are right if you are thinking, "I already miss Christmas." You know me too well. 

Peace my friends. 


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