Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Some Time Away..."

As midnight has now come and gone, I am praying for my precious Dad still.

Today, I sensed I should pry myself away from the Hospice House for a while. The social worker suggested we take some time away from our vigilant watching, so I have. 

For the past nine days, I have stayed as close to my dear Dad as possible, coming apart from him only for hours of minimal sleep. 

So far, in my short season of reflection away from Dad's bedside, I have been able to vividly remember Dad during his years of health. It made me laugh and weep to reminisce about the relationship we have cherished as father and son, as best friends, and as spiritual brothers in Christ.

Before leaving for this short reprieve, I communicated deeply to Dad so very much of my heart. Two of the things I made clear to him included:

"You are my hero."

"I will love you, forever."

A day or so before Dad totally lost his hearing, he leaned into me and looked deep into my eyes saying: "Son, in Heaven we will have so much to talk about." What hope that message ignited in the depths of my soul!

Looking at Dad in his current condition of sickness, especially over the past nine days, has caused me to forget what he was like before cancer came. Today, I have renewed those sweet images. 

Here's my favorite image pasted below -- a portrait I took of Dad through his shrimp nets as he sat on the deck of his fishing vessel, The Lady Melba, a few Decembers ago. The countenance on his face causes me to pray anew for either his healing here or to be made new again in Heaven. Deo Volente -- Whatever God Wants! Pray with me please. 



J Stewart said...

Praying with you all precious Willis family, with heart swollen love and a tender heart. Gods peace and comforting arms be wrapped around you all in a Holy blanket of hope, love and his peace. J Stewart

Twila Nelson said...

I just Believe there is a Miracle in the Making! May this song be a blessing to you ~

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

Prayers so appreciated. Our Godis the God of the Impossible. We accpet God's decisions, but will not be guilty of having not because we ask not. Trusting Him is easy, He's so trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Prayers and love for you and your family, Kerry.

Hilary Gaskill Brindley