Sunday, November 9, 2014


As I write, it's about 6 a.m. on Sunday Morning along the coast of North Carolina. I have spent several days and nights at the Willis' island home place. My Dad's earthly life seems to be fading fast. 

Dad's cancer diagnosis is nearing one full year and the disease has taken its toll on his body but it has not damaged his soul. On the contrary, his soul has soared to new spiritual heights of holiness during this trying journey. When people ask me how my Daddy's doing, I say: "He is weak in body but strong in Spirit (The Holy Spirit)!"

These tender days, we know as a family, that unless our compassionate and able Lord lays His nail-scared hands of healing on Dad, his burdensome struggle will soon conclude and His beautiful eternity will commence.

Yesterday, at his bedside, I whispered: "Dad, I wish I could take your suffering." He whispered back with a tender smile: "SOMEONE already has." Then, later last evening he said: "I must be getting ready to go SOMEWHERE. It seems everyone is giving me their goodbyes." Then he grinned real big as his eyes glistened. 

Whenever anyone comes into my Daddy's room, the grimaces of pain on his face turn to beautiful smiles. In his kind eyes it is easy to see  that the SOMEONE he speaks of taking his suffering is noneother than JESUS. Yes, indeed, and on my Daddy's countenance, it is also hard to miss a glimpse of that glorious SOMEWHERE he's going -- Heaven.

What a beautiful Lord's Day for The Lord to pull off the promise in John 14:3 for my Daddy. 

(You might want to go read that verse.)



Charlotte Holter said...

Heaven is preparing for a good and faithful servant. Praying that God's peace surrounds all of you.

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...