Monday, November 10, 2014

I Want to Say Thanks...

I want to say "thanks" to everyone who has ever counseled me to spend all the time I possibly can with my aging parents. 

For example, just this week a dear friend, Angela, gave me permission to "be a son." With my Dad's declining health, I desperately need to hear that directive right now. It also seems to me that if I cannot be trusted to be a faithful son, I surely cannot be trusted to be anything else to anyone else. 

Speaking of "my Dad's declining health", because I am taking time to "be a son" during these sacred days, I got to hear my Dad's faith proclaimed from his hospital bed as he told me early this morning: "Don't weep, son. Who knows, I might just surprise you and get healed."

Our God is SURELY ABLE! 

Stay tuned. :)



Bill Mcclure said...

I am glad you are being a son! That's where you need to be. This time is precious and a blessing as I have been through this back in 2009. We send our prayers and encouragement to each member of your family. We continue to partner in prayer with you. Blessings brother

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...