Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let's Express Our Gratitude Outloud

Today, we surely give thanks deep within our hearts, but let us not forget to express our gratitude outloud to God and to people. Go ahead right now -- reach out and touch someone with a specific message or deed of love. 

Who needs to hear that they matter? Who needs to hear that they are treasured by God and by you? Is there a need you and I can help meet in the Name of our Lord of the Harvest, today? 

Today, let our Thanksgiving 
move us from apathy to compassion for all, remembering that every human we see could be Jesus in disguise; and Jesus Who lives within us wants to rescue every desperate soul. Yes, every single, sinking soul who is seemingly drowning in the waves around us matters to our God. 

So, let's be thankful within our hearts and let's also give thanks outloud by reaching out to them for Him. 


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