Friday, February 10, 2017

Reflecting Time

In case you're not yet fifty-years-old, once you pass the fifty number there's much more time to spend reflecting on days gone by. 

It's not all bad, however, because for me at least, after topping the fifty-hill, I have spent more time reflecting on the faithfulness of God over the course of my years. 

As a matter of fact, I am now beyond the fifty-five mark. And guess what? The faithfulness of God across my life only gets larger and larger. 

So, today, on my blog, as I am just a few months away from fifty-six-years-old, I want to write a few lines to my Faithful God, and you're welcome to read them, even pray them, if you'd like:

My God, You have forever been the Lover of my soul. I don't understand all the reasons why, I only know it's so. 

In my loneliness You have given me the loveliness of Your Friendship. When others were unaware of my uncertainties, You have always been atuned to my heart.

To reflect on my days is to see all of Your ways at work on my behalf. Though Your ways are mysterious, surely Your ways are marvelous. 

Often, Precious Lord, I have testified in these words concerning You: "Life is often hard, nevertheless, God is always Good!"

Because of Your grace-filled guidance, my past regrets have been minimized. Through the persistent prayers of my parents and grandparents You have kept me and cared for me, even when, especially when I was unaware of Your kindness towards me.

Indeed, I am a debtor of Your devotion towards me. I was young and now I am older and in all of my many reflections of You, You have always shown compassion and comfort to me that is indescribable and immeasurable. 

Finally, my God, I want to say: "Your Name is Faithful and my name is Grateful!" When others look at my life's walk, may their undeniable talk be only of Jesus! 

A few weeks ago during corporate worship at our local church, I wept during this song, because it helps me to say the things I think about You, my God, especially during my reflecting time. I want my story to be for Your glory!

Worship Only God! Rev. 22:9 NLT




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