Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Missing Daddy

This message and photo were on my Twitter and Instagram posts today:

#Daddy, somedays I really miss the strength of your presence in my life. Like today. "We shall meet on that Beautiful Shore..." My Dad, Capt. Billy, was a man of great strength. Even when I was sixteen, he had no problem carrying me on his shoulders with energy to spare. At the end of his earthly life, it was my joy to carry him for a while. Miss ya Dad. Thanks for pointing me to our Abba Father. Still... Miss your voice. Miss your humor. Miss your Christlike ways. See ya. Someday. #goodgrief ⚓️#rushpointlanding #HarkersIsland #1977 #wearingmyChucks

Worship Only God! Rev. 22:9 NLT


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