Friday, July 29, 2016

Private Prayer. Open Reward. / Lady Melba

Today, my mom, Lady Melba, and I had our sacred devotional time talking on the phone. There is no greater form of inspiration than to witness to another believer and have another believer witness to you. Surely, as iron sharpens iron so one soul sharpens another.

I am so very grateful for my mom. This past week I attended a funeral in Pennsylvania. It was the home-going celebration of a 75-year-old godly mother, Sarah Stoner. I couldn't help but think of my own godly mother during the service, because my mom is the same age as this precious lady who went on to be with the Lord, 75.

Daily, I purpose to call my mother and to be encouraged by her and to encourage her. Today, when I called, I was keenly aware in my spirit that there will come a day when I cannot call her. (Only God knows if she will go to be with Him in Heaven before I do.) Nevertheless, I seek to redeem the time I have left with her by calling her often and listening to her share from a genuine love-relationship with Jesus.

While on the phone, we shared many wonderful thoughts about being believers in Christ, yet one thing she said seemed to crown our holy conversation. Mom said:

"Remember, if we pray in private, the Lord will reward us openly."

(Click below to see the verse that Jesus spoke. These are the words she was referencing in her wise counsel to me.)

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW



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