Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My "Let" Prayer to My Lord Jesus

My "Let" prayer to My Lord Jesus:

Let me experience an uncompromised and unending communion with You. Be My King. 

Let my desires be undeniably delighted, even dominated by Your mind. Be My Master.

Let Your countenance continuously cover me inside and out. Be My Comforter.

Let Your song of stillness be the soundtrack of my soul, regardless of the circumstances that surround me. Be My Savior.

Let me know You and know that You know me every moment of my life. Be My Everything.

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW



KLW said...

No matter what situation you're in, God wants to hear from you. He wants to lead and guide you, give you wisdom, provide for you, and protect you. Though He doesn't always answer in the way we would like, He does always answer.

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

Jesus is THE ANSWER. What is the question? :)