Sunday, August 6, 2017

Too Much

When our son, Grayson, started to talk as a young child, his two signature words were "too much!" I am not sure how exactly he came up with these two powerful words when we would ask him "how much he loved us?" Nevertheless, his answer from the first time we asked him "how much he loved us?" was "too much!" 

The same words came whenever we asked him "how much does Jesus love Grayson?" Yes, he replied: "too much!"  

My guess is that whenever he heard the word "love", perhaps "too much" triggered in his young mind. 

These thoughts remind me of another question: "Is it even possible to love a loved one too much?" It's an interesting question don't you think? And "is it possible to care too much for others?" If it's possible, I am probably quilty. 

So, if it's possible to love and care too much for others, maybe I owe an apology to some people across my lifetime.

What am I really talking about? Well, if it's possible to love and care about people too much, or so much that they miss The Love of God, I would want to apologize for that kind of love and care. And if I loved or cared about others more than I loved and cared for the Lord, well I am sorry for that epsecially.

Don't get me wrong. I want to love and care for others and I want and need the love and care of others, but I do not want it to interrupt in anyway The Love of God! 

And without doubt, if we reflect on the truth of John 3:16-17, surely we would agree that God loved and cared for us "too much" and for that we are surely most grateful!

Thanks for thinking about loving and caring with me on this blog post. It seemed to come out of nowhere but I am pretty sure it came my way from The Mind of Christ. I hope I learn the lessons He wants me to know and to live.

Oh yeah, and our son, Grayson's, very first full sentence was spoken to me, his dad. As I held him after a life-saving surgery, he said with a laugh: "I love you." It was unbelievable but I have witnesses who heard him say it, and get this, he was only four months old. Told you it was unbelievable. "Too much", indeed!       

"Worship Only God!" Rev, 22:9, NLT



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