Friday, August 18, 2017

Connect / Communicate

The thought came strong into my thinking this morning that I was born to connect and to communicate. It's possible that people closest to my circle of life get weary even of my life's call to connect and to communicate. I notice sometimes how people around me fall almost silent and possibly so because I seem to never totally tire of connecting and communicating. 

The funny thing is -- maybe even seemingly a contradiction -- I am an introvert deep within my being. In other words, too much of people can leave me breathless, nevertheless, I seem to have been entrusted with the spiritual gift of not losing connection and communication with especially the people I believe God has entrusted me to encourage.

In conclusion of what may seem like my rambling thoughts, I want to be like Jesus, in that He will never abandon those who desire connection and communication with Him. I cannot be and do not aspire to be Jesus, only to be like Him and yes, to be one sanctuary in which He may flow His Holy Presence in order to connect and to communicate His Love and Hope to those in my life and lifetime and even beyond. 

"Worship Only God!" Rev. 22:9 NLT


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