Monday, October 13, 2014

"Our People Die Well!"

Last evening my wife, Kim and I, were tenderly blessed to spend five hours in the Critical Care Unit of our local hospital as the Parks family ushered the beloved patriarch of their family, Mr. Fred, age 82, into Heaven and into the forever realized presence of Jesus. 

As night fell, realizing he would soon be going to His home above (because of a prolonged lung disease) Mr. Fred had each person in the room to sit at his bedside, hold his hand as he gave each   of us unique fatherly words of blessing. It was amazing.

This coming Saturday, After being the Parks' family pastor for 20 years, I willhumbly  preach his home-going message. While I will share words, the beautiful reality is that Mr. Fred truly preached his own final sermon as he lived moment-by-moment as a vulnerable sanctuary of our Savior's Sweet Spirit.

In the afterglow of Mr. Fred's crossing the line of worlds last night, today I can only express a quote attributed to John Wesley: "Our people die well." 


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