Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Dearest My Savior And Lord..."

Dearest my Savior and Lord -- Jesus:

Help me to Love You the way You deserve to be Loved. Take my whole life and get glory for Youself. 

Your Name is Wonderful and You are my Life, my Hope, my Everything. Live Your desires through me, I pray. 

I want to inhale and exhale Your Sweet Holy Spirit all of my days and nights. In every encounter of my Life, allow me to clearly recognize Your Presence and let others always undeniably see You, my King, reigning within me. 

Jesus, You alone are my Inspiration at all times and in all things. Apart from You I can do nothing that ultimately matters. I want and need Your Never-ending Embrace and Amazing Grace. 

I love You, Jesus. And I pray in Ypur Name. Amen.


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