Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Seaman's Dream -- Aboard The Old Ship of Zion

When I was a boy, this image was framed and hanging on the wall of our island home. My Dad, a seaman, so resembled the man at the ship's wheel that I really thought it was him. 

This image means so much to our family and especially to my Dad, who spent nearly 60 years on the ocean, much of it as a shrimp boat captain. He has lived through many life-threatening storms.

Over the past 9 months, my Dad, Capt. Billy, has been in the biggest storm of his life as he has experienced cancer, chemotherapy and beginning today, radiation. Yet, this morning he told one of his new doctors that this stormy season has been the most meaningful, spiritual season of his life.

I showed Dad the above image this morning. He wept tears of gratitude to God. Dad then retold to me a vivid and inspirational dream he once had. 

Dad said: "In the dream, I was sailing on The Old Ship of Zion (imagery of the ship that transports believers to Heaven). Though the vessel was encountering a very bad storm, a hurricane of sorts, still The Old Ship of Zion, seemingly 300 feet in length, cut through the angry billows like a sharp knife. I had never been aboard such an impressive and seaworthy ship as The Old Ship of Zion. I was sure we would make port on That Golden Shore of my Heavenly Home." 

I pray your day will be a day like no other -- a day when you sense The Captain of The Old Ship of Zion, Jesus Himself, to be your undeniably present, Pilot of Peace.


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KLW said...

At the stern of the ship stood the captain
I could hear as he called out my name
Get on board it’s the ole ship of Zion
It will never pass this way again

As I step on board I’ll be leaving
All my sorrows and heartaches behind
I’ll be safe with Jesus the captain
Sailing out on the ole ship of Zion

Father God I ask in the name of captin Jesus that you would give comfort and peace to the Willis family.

i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

Thanks for the lyrics, brother.