Monday, August 25, 2014

Is "The King" Also "My King?!"

Was Jesus a king? Well, Matthew's New Testament account of The Good News of Jesus Christ sets out to say Jesus was more than "a king"; He was and is "THE KING!"

Consider this. Even as Jesus was being crucified on a cruel Roman Cross, a governor had these words posted on a plaque above the head of Jesus: "This is Jesus, 'THE KING' OF THE JEWS!" (Matthew 27:37 GWT)

Pilate called Him "THE KING OF THE JEWS!" But the question must be answered more personal than Pilate's inscription -- that may have been, in actuality, more of an accusation than an answer. 

Either way, each of us must answer for ourselves: "Is Jesus 'THE KING OF MY LIFE?!' Is Jesus 'MY KING?!'"


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