Thursday, January 12, 2017

Consider Mortality

As I write this blog post, I am sitting in a funeral home chapel awaiting a service to begin. As I wait, I get to consider my own mortality.

While I have always known my days on this earth are numbered, it wasn't until my own Dad's passing on November 17, 2014, did my own mortality really begin to become undeniably vivid on the horizon of my existence. 

Too often, people live their entire lives with little or no thought that they will not live here for forever. Perhaps I dwell too much on mortality, but it is preferred to spending too little time considering it. 

The old saying is true: "Until we are ready to die, we will never be ready to live." So, I attend funerals. It helps me to make sure I am ready to die, so I can be ready to live. King Solomon said this about attending funerals:

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Want Eternal Life? Call on Jesus. He alone can swallow up our mortality in His immortality -- only His Life can overwhelm our death! 

"Worship Only God!" Rev. 22:9 NLT