Friday, January 6, 2017

Epiphany 1969

You My blog post today is a cut and paste from my Instagram post:

It's January 6, 2017, ✨Day of #Epiphany. It's the day that we remember the Wisemen from the East, coming to Bethlehem to place their lives before the Baby King Jesus in Worship. Also, on this day, January 6, 1969, my own dad, Capt. Billy, proved to be a wise man, too. For it was on January 6, yes, in the early morning hours of a Monday -- Epiphany Day - actually during the fourth watch of the night, around 3am while in his bunk aboard the old family fishing boat docked on the Eastern Seaboard at Wanchese, N.C., and after a dream where Jesus appeared to him... that Billy Cameron Willis crawled out from his sleep and onto the floor of the galley and began seeking in brokenness a right relationship with God. He said "yes" to Jesus, found forgiveness and fulfillment for the rest of his days. It proved to be an Epiphany for our family that will last for forever. ✨ #Grateful #WorshipOnlyGod Pictured: My glass Epiphany Nativity that I bought for $2.97 from @kirklands in an after-Christmas sale a few years back. ✨

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"We are on pilgrimage to worship Him." Matthew 2:2 (MSG)

A year ago while vacationing on the Outer Banks of N.C. I purchased this old water-coloring and it looks like our family fishing boat "Miss Vickie" closest to the dock. It feels like a gift to me from Above to remind me of Dad's conversion at the fishing docks at Wanchese, N.C. in 1969. (Click for full-frame.) 

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