Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Leadership Prayer

At the benediction of Rev. Clark Langford's funeral, I prayed my leadership prayer that he loved so much:
 Dearest Abba Father,
Please free me from all fear for this day 
from all anxiety about tomorrow 
from all bitterness toward another 
from all cowardice in the face of danger
from all laziness in the necessity of work
from all failure before opportunity
from all weakness when Your power is so available.
Please free me Lord, in You.
Please fill me with Love that knows no limit
with Hope that knows no defeat
with sympathy that embraces the hurting
with courage that cannot be intimidated
with strength adequate for life's challenges
with loyalty that proves my devotion to You and to others
with release to soar on the wings of eagles
with wisdom to match life's complexities
with peace that silences me in every storm
with faith that sees and glows in the dark.
Please fill me Lord, with You.
Lord, I surrender myself to You completely
and I gladly say YES to Your perfect will and Your Divine Way.
My Delights, my desires find fulfillment in Your Holy Presence.
Thank You for the Gift of Your Precious Loving Son
and Your Blessed Holy Spirit
Today, I rededicate my best, my all, my life, to Your Glory.
In my life Lord, be glorified today. In Your Church Lord, be glorified, I pray.
I plead Your Blood and whisper Your Name.
You are the One called Wonderful--Jesus my Life Savior!
Because of Your limitless love, O Lord,
I’m humbled, grateful and . . . speechless.
Amen, Amen, and Amen.

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 (GWT)

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