Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Questions to Minimize Regrets & Maximize Rejoicing

If it were possible, would we like to change anything about our past lives?

Well, while our past can be forgiven, (and that's a good thing) neither God, nor you and I, can change yesterday's regrets, right? While we should "go back" and make restitution with others wherever possible, we cannot go back and relive days gone by.

However, if we would like things in our present and future to be delightfully different than some of the regrets of our past, now's the time to allow God to make the course corrections in our journey.

Will we allow God to change us now and later?

Will we partner with God in total, trust-filled obedience, thereby minimizing future regrets?

Will we allow God to have His way with His clay, today... and tomorrow?

If we say "Yes, to God's will and to His way" right now and continue to say "Yes", I'd forecast for us a very Holy New Year and Beyond, indeed!

So, I offer Hope-filled, Holy Cheers to you my friends! In other words, I'm in for a present and a future focused on minimizing future regrets and maximizing forever rejoicing. How about you?

Let's Live in the Light!


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