Friday, January 2, 2015

"Packing Away the Christmas Decorations"

It's January 2, 2015, my friends. 

With the weather forecast promising some colder weather, it made "common sense" to take down the outdoor Christmas lights in today's milder weather; so I did. I really didn't want to start packing away the Christmas decorations, but I sensed it was time.

A dear friend told me earlier this week, that he gets troubled when he starts putting the Christmas things away each January. I feel his pain. 

With my Dad's November passing, I needed the warmth and glow of Christmas this past December like no other time in my life. In fact, I'm keeping a few decorations up inside the house until I decide to put them away. Some will likely stay out until December comes again, Lord willing. I need all the inspiration I can get. 

And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm doing my very best to focus forward, and it's happening slowly but surely. 

The past is fading fast and the future is presently calling my name. I want to move onward, even though a part of my heart hates that Christmas 2014 is all but gone.

My attention is now turning quickly to God's Word. I am sure I will especially spend the majority of 2015 saturating in one particular book of the New Testament. For now, I won't reveal which book, but it will soon be all too obvious as I begin to preach and blog and tweet in the days forward. 

I am so glad God has given me Scriptural direction. It seems more clear this year than ever and I am so grateful.

I pray today that the joy of The Lord will be your strength and mine. I pray that any trepidation we have about tomorrow will give way to anticipation today. And even though Christmas is gone, I pray we will know in every moment for the rest of our lives that Emmanuel is here -- Christ with us and, yes, within us. 

Give away your life...


(I left one outdoor decoration up. Yes, a bow around the front yard tree. My Dad started this tradition. It was once his way to welcome his family back home. Now I continue the tradition to remind me that Dad is HOME and I'm not HOME yet but will be Someday.)

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