Saturday, October 1, 2016

Revival Germany

Such a wonderful Saturday is about to conclude as we spent about three hours worshiping with the refugees today in Germany. Approximately 40 were baptized, most who recently came to Jesus in the past 30 days. God is doing a new thing in the old country. Humbled to partner with Jesus and Jesus-believers here. Prayers appreciated. 

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My new friend who left religion for a love relationship 

It was like the Book of Acts as we worshiped -- our hearts became one though we come from USA, Germany, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and more

Baptismal was a celebration of Heaven on Earth 

Prince William didn't mind the rain 

Old friends, new day -- PK and Hans

Swans reminded us of The Holy Spirit's presence among and within us

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW


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