Thursday, October 6, 2016

Germany Praying

Thursday is our official day for praying together in Spirit for our local church family and how wonderful it was to pray with part of our global family today in Kaiserslautern of Germany.

Pastor Drew David led our presence team on a prayer walk around the city Jesus has entrusted him to reach. It was a sacred day.

(Click images for full-frame.) 

Praying together 

One stop was an old catheral where we prayed about transitions the Davids are experiencing here

Prayer is alive in Kaiserslautern 

I spotted this child's paper airplane when we stopped to pray for refugees

Pastor Drew points out the Palatine Forest of Kaiserslautern where Pastor Margaret's family roots are

Reflection of the city in window of violin maker's shop

Praying over the city

Prince William made the prayer walk so precious

I am humbled and grateful to be called pastor to Drew, Chelsea and William 

Prayer was indoors at times as cold temperatures entered yet our hearts remained Aflame at all times 

A cup of cappuccino and a hand-picked rose made my day complete 

"...and i wait." Psalms 5:3 GW


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