Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Friend, Ed, is in The Presence of The Lord

My dear, pastor-friend, Ed, who served in the Chicago area went to be with the Lord, oh so suddenly, this past Tuesday evening in an ICU Hospital unit in Cincinnati. Ed is in the Presence of the Lord, nevertheless, my heart is broken in half. 

Ed was my prayer partner among about 25 Nazarene preachers who meet in a yearly pastors' gathering with our spouses. Our yearly upcoming January 2017 event would've been about 12 years of faithful friendship. 

Ed was only 62. A month or so ago he was diagnosed with a serious diagnosis of cancer. It seems the effects of the chemo took a quick toll on Ed's quality of life and now he finds himself instantly healed in the realized Presence of our Great Physician, Jesus. Still, my heart is broken. 

Over this past year especially, Ed and I shared messages of encouragement between each other and because of his invitation to me, we had a special time together at Chicago's Nazarene District Leadership Day, where he introduced me as the keynote speaker. He made me blush with his kind words. Also, at the 2016 General Church Pensions and Benefits Board meetings in Kansas City, Ed and I were inseparable. I am grateful for these extra special times we recently enjoyed. Still, my heart is broken. 

Ed was one the most real and passionate men I ever knew. He looked tough, like a body guard, outwardly, but he was so tenderly vulnerable inwardly. Ed loved Harley Davidsons, Starbucks Coffee, his dear wife, Kathy, who journeyed with us to The Holy Land in 2014, and their only precious college-age daughter, Alea.

Ed, life here cannot be the same ever with you absent. You always encouraged me even until the end as these were your last words to me: 

"Thank you Kerry (for the deep prayers); sensing the comfort of God's presence through the love of you and all the others carrying us down this path! Humbled and so blessed- love you brother! I love you and need you!"

Rest your soul my dear brother and forever friend, Ed Heck. I will never forget the way you loved me and believed in me. Peace, my Jesus-friend. "We will meet on That Beautiful Shore!"

(Click on image below to view full-frame Pastor Ed.)

"...and i wait." Psalm 5:3 GW


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